Still Life Set Design | Anastasia Timoshevskaia

Still Life Set Design | Anastasia Timoshevskaia

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Join Anastasia Timoshevskaia's 2.5-hour introductory workshop to extend and enhance your artistic vision. Learn to style a scene and take stunning photos using your mobile phone. Focused on still life styling, you'll gain foundational skills applicable to your handicrafts, products, or art aspirations. Bring a piece of your craft or product to style during the workshop and start your own still life projects with confidence.

Sun 29 Sep 2024 | 11.00am-1.30pm | Suitable for 18 yrs+

$50 | $45 Members | Some materials required


Participants are required to bring along their mobile phone to take images. Participants are encouraged to bring along an object for styling. 

Artist Bio:

Anastasia Timoshevskaia, former owner of Troubadour rug and home décor store in Moscow, specialises in brand positioning, art direction, and visual content creation. With experience in styling and directing over 50 photoshoots and videos, she continues to build her skills in content styling, set design, and art direction. 

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