Storytelling in Studio 1 | Annick Aisha Akanni

Storytelling in Studio 1 | Annick Aisha Akanni

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Join African Australian artist, educator and textile and materials designer Annick Akanni and explore storytelling through connection, texture, pattern, colour and sensory discoveries.

This project explores the deep-rooted relationship that textile designer and artist Annick Akanni has with her Tanzanian mother, Dottie and the interlacing of her own relationship with her grandmother in the village.

 Annick is also connecting her relationship with her Beninese paternal grandmother (grand-mère Jeanne) - as Annick investigates the importance of inter-connection of her African culture, both in Australia and Africa.

 “Whenever mum braids my hair, we talk about life and share stories together.”

 The project explores identity, tenderness, togetherness and a sense of belonging, whilst sharing an ode to pioneering matriarchs. I’ll be exploring maternal role models and the significance of maternal figures having both feminine and masculine energy - strength, resilience and nurture

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