Andrew Nicholls - 'Love Sick' (m/aco009)

Andrew Nicholls - 'Love Sick' (m/aco009)

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Andrew Nicholls // Love Sick

LOVE SICK - Andrew Nicholls works: 2009-2019 is a limited-edition (of 500 signed copies) monograph documenting the second decade of Andrew Nicholls' art practice. It is the companion volume to Love Andrew Nicholls - Drawn Works, 1998-2008, a retrospective of the first ten years of his work, published in 2009.

At almost 300 pages in length, this substantial book incorporates exquisite imagery of drawings, ceramics, photography and major curatorial projects undertaken between 2009-2019, in addition to key writing published about his work during this time.

Publisher: Art Collective WA, 2022

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