George Haynes- 'Gouaches' (m/aco003)

George Haynes- 'Gouaches' (m/aco003)

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George Haynes // Gouaches 2018

'George Haynes: Gouaches 2018 - and some food for thought.'

This catalogue features a stunning selection of gouache on paper works from George Haynes' 2018 exhibition at Art Collective WA - Recent and Retrospective Paintings.

The gouaches were mostly painted over a one year span leading up to George's 80th birthday. The catalogue also includes some of George's notes, as he says, 'scribbled into notebooks over the years. Memories and thoughts on this exquisite trade I have had the fortune of plying since I was a boy with a sketchbook.'

Publisher: Art Collective WA, 2022

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